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Differences Between a VA (Virtual Assistant) and an OBM (Online Business Manager)

Both VA (Virtual Assistant) and OBM (Online Business Manager) often get confused with one another due to their intertwining roles in managing & operating a business.

Their roles can be confused, but their charges can’t as one of them charge considerably more than the other. Yes, you guessed it right! An OBM is the one who sucks the big money out of the business enterprise while VA often settles for the less. But Why?

The answer is simple, An OBM not just charges more but also adds more value to your business. They serve as your strategic business partners who don’t just DO but collaborates with you to decide what needs to be DONE.

The best way to understand this is that OBMs are High-Level Leaders, while VAs are super-efficient Doers. A VA can get the job done, but what if you don’t know what needs to be done? What if there is a roadblock you can’t cross? What if you feel the business is derailing from its track? In these cases, you can’t just hire a VA to do the job as you don’t even know what the job is!!!

Here, OBM comes into play! They join hands with you to answer all these questions and present the solutions that propel your business forward. They work with you to formulate a fully-functional and scalable business that gives maximum returns.

Once, an OBM prescribes to you what needs to be done! It is time for VA to get into the party and get it done for you. VAs are the IMPLEMENTERS as they efficiently do what needs to be done to add value to your business.

So, if you have the business mind and you are certain you know what needs to be done but is dazzled by the extent of it…..You should go to the VA and let him/her know your ideas & strategies, and they will bring them into life.

Alas! Now we have established the difference between the two…….Let’s dive deeper into the world of OBM and VA!


  • OBM Deals with Numbers and VA Deals with Tasks

Every business owner and leader deals with numbers as they analyze the happenings behind the scene to evaluate the results & returns. Similarly, OBM does no difference, and they also deal with the numbers along with you. They don’t just tell you the numbers but also helps you understand how to improve the numbers.

On the other hand, VA deals with the tasks that you prescribe them to do! Their world is task-oriented, and they have all the proficiencies and tools to complete the tasks in the highest quality and in the fastest time. You cannot just simply do what the VA does for you, and the need for VA arises every time you need to do something in the highest quality and in the shortest time.

  • OBM Prepares The Business To-Do List and VA Completes the To-Do List

If you don’t have a To-Do List that your business needs to propel to the next stage and establish its supremacy among the competitors, then you direly need an OBM.

While if you do have a To-Do List but just can’t get it done efficiently, then you need a VA who is the master of their trade. They can get things done for you in ways that exceed your expectations.


  • OBM Helps Business Achieve Excellence while VA Removes The Hurdles Along The Way

OBM often works with clients on the basis of profits and revenue margins. The success of their job is measured as per the business returns & revenues. Quite often, they establish a break-even point and once they reach the milestone, the profit usually splits between the two. 

On the contrary, the VA's job is to eradicate everything from the way that is restricting businesses to achieve excellence. They work under the direction of business owners and remove the hurdles by getting things done efficiently.


  • OBM Dives Into The Depths while VA Does The Surface Work

Perhaps the best way to discriminate between the two and understand the services they offer is to know their roles in your business enterprise. An OBM doesn’t often work with many clients as they devote all their time & expertise to a selected few. They dive deep into your business and offer undivided attention to you to get your business back on track.

On the contrary, the VA does the surface work, and he/she is solely responsible to clear out the mess from the top. They work with many clients on task-based projects and focuses on task completion. They cannot dive deep into your business to help you eradicate the complexities, they solve the problems floating on the surface.


The Final Verdict

Now you know what differentiates an OBM from a VA. Give yourself the time to decide the one you direly need, and the final results will truly be phenomenal.