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Differences Between a VA (Virtual Assistant) and an OBM (Online Business Manager)

Both VA (Virtual Assistant) and OBM (Online Business Manager) often get confused with one another due to their intertwining roles in managing & operating a business.

Their roles can be confused, but their charges can’t as one of them charge considerably more than the other. Yes, you guessed it right! An OBM is the one who sucks the big money out of the business enterprise while VA often settles for the less. But Why?

The answer is simple, An OBM not just charges more but also adds more value to your business. They serve as your strategic business partners who don’t just DO but collaborates with you to decide what needs to be DONE.

The best way to understand this is that OBMs are High-Level Leaders, while VAs are super-efficient Doers. A VA can get the job done, but what if you don’t know what needs to be done? What if there is a roadblock you can’t cross? What if you feel the business is derailing from its track? In these cases, you can’t just hire...

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