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If I could show you how to GROW your business in 30-minutes a day WITHOUT posting on social media would you want to know how?

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I’m part of ‘the group of entrepreneurs’ that have cracked the code of getting clients without having to post on social media!

You might have heard from the gurus that the more you put yourself out there, the greater your chances of landing clients become…

Well…what if I tell you that it is not true?

What if I tell you that you don’t have to spend countless hours delivering ‘free value’ to your potential customers through live training, posting content, and even selfies at times…

What if I tell you that I was able to achieve success without doing any of that?

In the past year alone:

βœ” I was able to generate $75k in the past year alone as a virtual business owner without posting a single piece of content on my social media handles….

βœ”Help entrepreneurs like you focus on doing what matters instead of wasting your time with things that shouldn’t concern you in the first place

So... What Is This Secret Strategy that Allowed Me to Go On My Own without the ‘Mighty’ Social Media

(And How Can You Use It To Grow Your Business!?!)

Over the past two decades, I have tried thousands of strategies, worked with a whole lot of entrepreneurs, and gone through a lot of ups and downs to figure out what works and what doesn’t…

And after doing all of that…I can to the following conclusion

  •  If your goal is to generate sales, you don’t have to be active on social media
  • The hot mess of information available on the market can do more harm than good if you are not linked to someone who has been through the same process as you

Shortly after coming to these conclusions, I decided to step up and normalize the idea of not leveraging social media to generate sales…

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That’s why…I’m presenting the:

Success Without Social Media | Business Coaching

Success without Social Business Coaching

The Real Way of Making Things Work in the World of Online Entrepreneurship…

This coaching program leads you by the hand, on how to make your online business a success...


I walk you through a comprehensive, detailed and effective plan of action using steps I have PERSONALLY taken.

It places you on the fast-track so you will feel confident going forward.

This process saves you so much time, days, and depending on where you’re starting from, entire weeks because you can start GETTING HIRED.

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Julie Vigna

A lot of questions I had were answered in your webinar! I'm ready to tackle Upwork now!

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Dana is a great teacher and was very interactive with her audience and answered all of our questions.

Cala - Coaching Testimonial
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In the next 9 weeks, you will get a chance to completely overhaul your approach and find a process that makes clients walk towards you…

πŸ’₯ 9 WEEKLY - 1 hour 1:1 Live Training Calls

These aren't your average training calls!  We will walk through the process TOGETHER…

πŸ’₯ Unlimited Messaging

You get direct access to me if you feel stuck at any point. Need help or advice?  Let's talk it out!

πŸ’₯ Lifetime Access to all Current and Future Courses

Any training courses and webinars I offer you will have access – no questions asked…You will be at the center of my attention.


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The 3 Simple Steps to Get You From Overwhelmed to Overbooked with Your Favorite Clients!

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Establish Results

It's important that we understand who you are, what skills you have, how you can get results for your ideal clients and develop your offer.

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Prospect Process

Establish daily money-making tasks to find people who are ALREADY LOOKING for what you can provide. That means you don't need to convince people they need you.

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Pitch Perfect 

Finally, implement a system to send the perfect pitch to these prospects and have the ability to close clients easily. This sales system will ensure you can get clients whenever you desire.

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Terrika Keck

This training was amazing. Dana provided a lot of insight on how to navigate through Upwork.

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Andrea Rodgers

You are a life saver!! Thank you!! I'm learning. I appreciate your helping me and providing a "safety net"

Start with me today and get an automated system for getting more clients…

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One Time Payment


Paid in Full

Yes, Help Me Grow!!

2 Monthly Payments


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Yes, Help Me Grow!!

Not Quite Ready for 1:1 Coaching?

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So what’s this new Success Without Social Group Coaching?

πŸ’₯ Weekly trainings LIVE on Facebook for you to ask questions and get immediate answers - every Monday at 9am EST

πŸ’₯ Ask unlimited questions in the group! I’ll answer them for you and maybe even add it to the next LIVE training!

πŸ’₯ “Dana Moments” - we all have moments of clarity and ideas that pop into our heads - well I’m going to share mine with you randomly LIVE inside the group. These can be random trainings or just ideas for growth I thought of!

πŸ’₯ Power in numbers! Yes - it’s a new group - but know this - as it grows it will get better! Why? Because, the more people we have, the more interaction, more people to bounce ideas off of!


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