Calling all Social Media Introverts!


If you could grow your online business without posting on social media without even needing to log on, would you do it?

I'm Ready to Change My Life
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You have probably heard other coaches, peers, or gurus tell you the ONLY way to grow a business is through networking and "putting yourself out there."
I KNOW this is not true - Because In 2020 alone I have made over $50k income as a virtual business owner.
Online Coaches and Gurus tell you to build your social media presence through live trainings, posting excessive amounts of content, and even taking selfies.
But you just want clients - not to be in the spotlight. 
You just want to use your amazing skills
✔ to help more people
✔ to make more money
✔ to contribute to your family
✔ to enjoy being home with your kids
✔ & FINALLY establish freedom while still making money to live the life you desire. 
I'm Ready to Change My Life

You’ve put SO much time and effort into your business, spending so much  writing proposal after proposal...

… being sure you have the skills get the job done correctly

You’re tired. Disappointed. And starting to feel unsure of yourself. But still...

It's starting to sound like you are writing from a script and that you are desperate.  You've even started looking at lower paying jobs.

And the worst part is:


You start to think you aren't cut out for this line of work and maybe you might be better taking something offline…

You honestly don't know if you have what it takes to work from home online.



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This coaching program leads you by the hand, on how to make your online business a success.....


I walk you through a comprehensive, detailed and effective plan of action using steps I have PERSONALLY taken.

It places you on the fast-track so you will feel confident going forward.

This process saves you so much time, days, and depending on where you’re starting from, entire weeks because you can start GETTING HIRED.


There are three simple steps:

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Establish Results

It's important that we understand who you are, what skills you have, how you can get results for your ideal clients and develop your offer.

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Prospect Process

Establish daily money-making tasks to find people who are ALREADY LOOKING for what you can provide. That means you don't need to convince people they need you. Just let them know you are available.

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Pitch Perfect

Finally, implement a system to send the perfect pitch to these prospects and have the ability to close clients easily. This sales system will ensure you can get clients whenever you desire. 

Ok, So What's Included?

💥 9 WEEKLY - 1 hour 1:1 Live Training Calls

These aren't your average training calls!  We will walk through the process TOGETHER.

💥 Unlimited Messaging

Need help or advice?  Let's talk it out!

💥 Lifetime Access to all Current and Future Courses

Any training courses and webinars I offer you will have access to

That all SOUNDS Good... But What's the Process?

Together we will make sure you leverage networking online and you will go from unsure to an EXPERT AUTHORITY in your niche!

💥 Understand your business goals

💥 Establish how much you NEED to make and how much you WANT to make

💥 Narrow down your skill set to an irresistible offer

💥 Discover who your ideal client actually IS

💥 Finding the BEST place for YOU to find clients (this does NOT need to be UpWork!)

💥 Qualify clients you can add value to AND get results for

💥 Develop a ROCK-SOLID mindset around $$ and being your own boss and still have the freedom you started this whole thing for

💥 Design your packages and offers to ensure you don’t burn out and you still make the $$

💥 FINALLY - establish a system to easily and seamlessly onboard your clients!

Is your 🤯 yet?

I'm Ready to Change My Life

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